Friday, August 29, 2008

Moving On

I am currently working on a new project with a friend...
The synblazium will be a collection of ideas and rants so check it out!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

A weak King

I was in Cleveland the past couple of days, and while there I went to a Cavaliers game. Throughout the game I noticed that Lebron James seemed lifeless. He made a few great plays like always, but there seemed to be no spark. I also remembered thinking this same thing watching him on tv earlier in the season. Its not that he doesn't bring a great talent to the game or his team, but He just isn't the superstar team leader everyone has expected him to be.

Lebron leads his team by example, but you never see him trying to motivate his teamates. His play doesn't seem to effect them at all. Even stars like Kobe Bryant and Allen Iverson at least seem to light a fire under their teams every now and then. Their teams see the passion and feed off of it and they are almost able to will their teams into playing better basketball.

Right now I see Lebron as one of the most overrated athletes in any sport. He is right up there with the likes of Andy Roddic. And he will stay there as long as people are willing to pay to watch him play uninspired basketball or until he figures it out and learns how to truly lead a team.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

The better route

TV sports personality's (either an announcer or an analyst) all seem to have taken one of two routes to get to their positions. Most of them have taken the sports route. They were players of their sports who exhibited a certain charismatic ability to speak to the cameras. The other route seems to be of the way of sports journalism. Sports journalists start normally in college. After college most write in Newspapers and for Magazines before ever getting a shot at being a radio or local television announcer. The ones who make it though are masters of their craft and have spent the better part of their lives studying sports for a living, not just playing one.

A stunning example is Tony Kornheiser who I don't believe has ever announced a live game before being thrown onto ESPN's Monday Night Football broadcasts this year. He took to the spot naturally though. He shows that he understands the sport and what is going on. He makes Theisman, who has been doing this for years, sound like a bumbling idiot some of the time. Have you ever noticed the long pauses from Theisman and Tirico (Yes I know Tirico took the route of journalism, but he is a college football specialist)?

And Its not just Theisman look at all the horrible analysts they show on an ordinary sunday. Terry Bradshaw, Shannon Sharp, Michael Irving, Phil Simms I could list them all day. Why do the company's keep hireing these idiots? Do people actually tune in to see which of their favorite players is making a fool of himself on national tv?

Players just do not seem to translate into good sports analysts or announcers. Coaches, although lacking the charisma needed, can at least show a good understanding of the game. I don't know though, maybe they should just let the professionals do their jobs.

Don't worry Shaq will be back

I was watching the Miami Heat game on Thursday and the announcers started to discuss if they thought the Heat had a chance at winning the title. One announcer came out and said of course they do Shaq will come back refreshed and hungry again, and they will make a run for the title.

Is it really that easy? Miami is only 5 and a half games back in the east right now, and they could easily vault to the top with the return of Shaq. But I only see that happening if he can return at 100% and be able to sustain a high level of play for a good stretch. Shaq turns 35 this year and although that might not sound old remember he is a big guy. NBA Basketball is a high paced sport that is very rough on even young guys joints and ligaments.

Also Shaq has had trouble keeping in shape for the past few years. Is an out of shape and deteriorating Shaq better than 99% of the big men in the league? Sure, but can he carry a team that is currently standing 9th in the east for a title run? I highly doubt it.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Drugs on a Plane

Michael Vick entered Miami International Airport on Wednesday carrying a 20 oz bottle of water. After displaying a hesitancy to allow the bottle to be checked out by airport personnel suspicion arose and Vick had to relinquish the bottle to enter his flight. The bottle was found to contain a secret compartment hidden by the label that contained a dark sediment and smelled like marijuana.

Now I am a college student and I understand that there is nothing really wrong with smoking marijuana. But the United States as a whole has decided that that substance is illegal. So why would a high profile individual like Michael Vick even have the need to try to sneak it onto a plane? It is not like it would be hard to get once he landed. Vick you are not a bad guy for smoking marijuana, you are an idiot for attempting to sneak it on a plane.