Thursday, January 18, 2007

Drugs on a Plane

Michael Vick entered Miami International Airport on Wednesday carrying a 20 oz bottle of water. After displaying a hesitancy to allow the bottle to be checked out by airport personnel suspicion arose and Vick had to relinquish the bottle to enter his flight. The bottle was found to contain a secret compartment hidden by the label that contained a dark sediment and smelled like marijuana.

Now I am a college student and I understand that there is nothing really wrong with smoking marijuana. But the United States as a whole has decided that that substance is illegal. So why would a high profile individual like Michael Vick even have the need to try to sneak it onto a plane? It is not like it would be hard to get once he landed. Vick you are not a bad guy for smoking marijuana, you are an idiot for attempting to sneak it on a plane.


Mini Me said...

Stupid stupid. Vick has to be smarter then this. The risk isn't worth the reward. Have a friend acquire and carry your drugs for you, come on.

Jason Kersey said...

Well I disagree that there is "nothing wrong with smoking marijuana," but thats a whole different issue. I agree that he is retarded for bringing it on a plane, especially when he is so popular and has been under so much scrutiny lately!