Saturday, January 20, 2007

The better route

TV sports personality's (either an announcer or an analyst) all seem to have taken one of two routes to get to their positions. Most of them have taken the sports route. They were players of their sports who exhibited a certain charismatic ability to speak to the cameras. The other route seems to be of the way of sports journalism. Sports journalists start normally in college. After college most write in Newspapers and for Magazines before ever getting a shot at being a radio or local television announcer. The ones who make it though are masters of their craft and have spent the better part of their lives studying sports for a living, not just playing one.

A stunning example is Tony Kornheiser who I don't believe has ever announced a live game before being thrown onto ESPN's Monday Night Football broadcasts this year. He took to the spot naturally though. He shows that he understands the sport and what is going on. He makes Theisman, who has been doing this for years, sound like a bumbling idiot some of the time. Have you ever noticed the long pauses from Theisman and Tirico (Yes I know Tirico took the route of journalism, but he is a college football specialist)?

And Its not just Theisman look at all the horrible analysts they show on an ordinary sunday. Terry Bradshaw, Shannon Sharp, Michael Irving, Phil Simms I could list them all day. Why do the company's keep hireing these idiots? Do people actually tune in to see which of their favorite players is making a fool of himself on national tv?

Players just do not seem to translate into good sports analysts or announcers. Coaches, although lacking the charisma needed, can at least show a good understanding of the game. I don't know though, maybe they should just let the professionals do their jobs.


Mini Me said...

I think some players are great. But yes most are bad and just got their jobs because they are former players.

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